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What is Screen Casting? | Tips & Tricks

 What is Screen Casting?

What is Screen Casting?

Basically all of you must have seen the option of Cast Screen, Screen Mirroring, Screen Sharing or Screen Casting. So in this article you will know what these options mean and what you can do with these options.

All these options Cast Screen, Screen Mirroring, Screen Sharing or Screen Casting are wireless display options which will help you to display your smartphones screen on any other bigger display without using any kind of cord only if both the dvices are connected to a Wi-Fi network and the other screen on which you want to cast your screen must support this option.

Screen casting has different kinds of name in different company devices, like apple has named it airplay which works only on apple devices like iphone, ipad, macbook, with this you can share your skin to any other apple devices like if you have apple's small television which you have connected to you main television then you can display your game, website or video on bigger screen without using any cord.

Android also has this option known as Mirror Cast. When Mirror Cast was in development LG was the biggest contributor in developing Mirror cast. Now a days in every android devices you see this option like Mirror Cast, Screen Casting or any other option mostly related to all these names could help you to cast your screen to any other display without using any cord.

Windows also has this option which has the same working as other devices. So mirror casting is very easy to understand and in very easy to do if you have a Wi-Fi connection and a suitable on which you want to cast must support Screen Mirroring, Screen Casting or Cast Screen option.

But it also has some issues like it could drain too much battery of the device through which you are casting and it also shows a liitl latency in doing actions. Like if you are playing an online gam like Pubg or freefire on your phone and you want to cast it to bigger screen then it could create a problem that it will actions a little slow or late then in actual it is happening. It could not be helpfull in online gaming as a little latency could be very risky in online gaming. But if you want to play a movie or any song from youtube or you want to see pictures inn bigger screen then you could use this option as it is very usefull in connecting to bigger screen wirelessly. 

Now many people asks that if their television does not have the option of Mirron Casting, Cast Screen or Screen Casting so is there any other way to do that. Then the answer to this question is yes they can still cast their smartphone's screen to their television. But for this doing this they have to buy a small device called the "Wireless Display Dongle". This device comes with a HDMI cable in it through which you can connect the Wireless Display Dongle to your normal television. When this device is connected to the television then you can connect this device to a Wi-Fi network which will make your television support Screen Casting, Screen Mirroring or Cast Screen. It is also a truely wireless method of casting screen to a television anytime you want. But with the help of this also you cannot fix the latency in casting. It could not be fixed with the help of any of the devices. You could buy this product from amaon at very low price. The best device that you could buy from amazon for Mirror Casting, Screen Casting or Cast Screen, etc you could buy "Amazon Fire TV Stick". Although it is slightly costly but is the best choice for casting your screen to your television.

What is Screen Casting?

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So there is only one thing very much important for Screen Casting, Screen Mirroring or Cast Screen is a Wi-Fi connection.

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